My story

About Caitlin Standifer

My journey as a triathlete began like many others. I was an injured collegiate runner who found triathlon looking for another cardiovascular outlet outside of aqua-jogging endless laps in the pool. After establishing myself as the rightful Mayor of the deep end of the YMCA pool (recently reclaimed by the dancing ladies of aquafit), I decided I could probably swim a few laps to break up the monotony. As a regular to the YMCA, you begin to recognize and acknowledge other regulars. Often during my usual aqua-jogging timeframe there was a man I liked to refer to as "creepy pirate man." He had a bug eye, no hair on top, but long scraggly grey hairs on the bottom, and a peg leg. Okay maybe there wasn't a peg leg, but his lopsided gait certainly added to the image. He'd walk the plank into the pool and start with a swim stroke that you could liken to a drowning frog. If creepy pirate man can do it so can I. It's time to learn how to swim. After weeks of practice I was finally shipshape. I made a pass on creepy pirate man and christened myself as captain of lane 4. While not the fastest ship at sea, I was confident enough to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen. I decided to take my talents to spin class. Bound and determined to collect all of the QOMs, I bought real bike shorts and shoes to prove I was in it to win it. I soon was in favor of one of the spin class overlords who decided I needed a bike of my own. Through friendly bargaining, he found an old Trek bike only a year younger than me to help me to escape the cardio jungle. Still running for my college at this point, but still unable to put in the miles with my teammates, this was my chance to escape the disappointment of giving up on my first love to make way for an even stronger love just over the horizon.

After the roller coaster ride of a collegiate running career, as soon as I graduated I got my first real road bike and joined a masters swim team. After years of running on the front of the pack for my team, it was humbling to learn how to sit on wheels and work my way up from the slowest lane in the pool. I was blessed to find a few coaches who excelled in young talent development. These coaches were instrumental in getting me quickly to the top of the podium at local races. At the start of my second full year doing triathlon I was able to collect my elite license at the TriRock Philly race in 2014 and I started 2015 racing fully as an elite. My rookie year was a another roller coaster, featuring huge ups and opportunities matched with big downs and health problems. Taking a step from racing as a pro settled now in the Boulder, Colorado I'm grateful to have the opportunity to train out of one of the greatest triathlon playgrounds in the world.

Follow me on my journey. From runner, to amateur, to professional triathlete, back to amateur, and beyond!