Tree-alities Part 2: Intricate branches

Today's post expands on the last post that introduced the "tree" for my life. As you read in my Part 1 article, I basically find I have three main goal categories of life (or limbs): Sport, Life, and Career. Each one has it's own unique goals and they always continue to grow as I continue along my path in life. For example:

But I want to expand on the different categories and how those areas of our life actually have many, many branches that we divert down as we travel across each of the category paths. First, to discuss "branches."  I’d like to think of each category path as a limb on a tree. As you continue to age and the years go by, that limb continues to grow. Your ultimate end goal becomes something longer and more distant as your goal category grows. Most of the time, what you picture at the ripe age of 20 on that goal line is something much more different than what you picture at age 40 (or even 28). For the sake of my metaphor, picture me as the below depicted, lasso girl. Now as we go along in life and continue to grow into the person we aim to be, we set sort of stepping-stones to help us reach our ultimate end goal. To us those stepping-stones are considered pretty awesome things. They are never as long of a reach as our ultimate goal and once we reach them we usually need to turn around and get back to our ultimate limb so we can continue to reach towards our ultimate goal. Sometimes along the way we set these awesome thing goals but some guy climbs up a ladder to set fire to and burn our awesome thing vision. No matter, though. While they seem like setbacks at the moment, as soon as we set our eyes back onto the ultimate goal we can carry on to the next awesome thing on our path to ultimate success.

Second, the interconnected-ness of all of the categories. For some reason we like to think of the different categories of our life as separate from one another. In college as a student athlete I would hear my fellow student athletes separate three areas of your student life: schoolwork, social life, and sport. Usually you could only do two well at once while the other one suffered. To do all three well at once was generally unheard of or short-lived. But I don’t see this so much as a balance of different areas of life. I think those three things are much more intertwined. In the example of a student athlete, say a close family member passes away. Not only do they feel that Godzilla has come to burn down a “life” branch, it’s likely that as a direct effect of what happened, their schoolwork and focus in their sport diminishes. Putting a lot of focus on one area of your life does not diminish the importance of other goals – it instead directly slows the progress of others. As a result, when things happen to you and the monsters come to wreak havoc on your path to one ultimate goal – you feel the effects on all of your ultimate goals.

This intertconnected-ness can be a positive thing as well. When something good happens you can feel how one awesome thing in one area of your life can enhance other awesome things in other parts of your life. Say our same student athlete does well in their competition. As a result their self-confidence is boosted, they are more likely to be a positive and outgoing person in social situations, and as a result blossom new friendships and relationships. It isn’t about picking one or two areas to put your entire focus on – the “tree-ality” is that it’s seeing how every part of your life intertwines and recognizing how choices and circumstances can enhance or seize different ultimate goals.

How do I feel this effects my life currently and what things are stirring around currently for me? Stay tuned....